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VCE U3&4 End of Year Exam Revision Lectures 2021

The ACCESS EDUCATION End-of-year revision lecture program has been running since 1994. These subject specific 2½ - 2¾ hour revision lectures cover Units 3 & 4 and have been tailored to help you to achieve your personal best in over 25 different VCE subjects.

Please Note: Our aim is to hold the end of year revision lectures live at the venues, howevever, should COVID restrictions prevent us running the program as planned, the sessions will be delivered online with the resources being posted to you prior to the event.

We are proud to say that we have gone to great lengths to secure the absolute best presenters. It is crucial to have lecturers that not only have the subject knowledge but also have an excellent approach to delivering this knowledge to the attendees in a manner that is easily absorbed and understood.

Like all of our lectures, every attendee will receive a subject specific set of notes written by the lecturer that you have gone to see. We do not use generic notes, and we do not use generic presentations.

What will you access?

  • A team of highly experienced lecturers that are experts in their fields
  • Extensive and detailed 2½ - 2¾ hour exam revision lectures
  • A greater level of confidence
  • Tips to better understand and tackle exam questions
  • Pointers on previous year's exam pitfalls
  • Subject specific study notes prepared by your lecturer
  • General and subject specific exam strategies





Show events:

The details for this program will be announced soon

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