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Access Education Booking and Refund Policy

At One Plus One Management Pty Ltd trading as Access Education (‘we’, ‘us', ‘our’) (ABN 28 216 941 748) we are committed to providing quality educational services at fair prices and to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

We accept lecture bookings in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.  Unless credit account arrangements have been established by the customer in advance all lecture bookings must be accompanied by full payment before they will be accepted. Schools wishing to make use of credit arrangements should provide an official Order Number to confirm the purchase.

Discount vouchers issued by Access Education cannot be used to further reduce the price of any already discounted ticket, eg group booking prices cannot be further discounted.

We reserve the right to vary the advertised program.

Any requests for refunds will be considered in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.


Early bookings are advisable. Group discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

We recognise that on occasion customers who have booked for a lecture/s will subsequently not be able to attend.  Cancellation requests will only be considered when a written cancellation request has been received at the Access Education office four full business days prior to the advertised date of the relevant lecture. No cancellation request will be considered if it has been received after this time. A service fee of $10 per ticket applies to any cancellation. All tickets purchased as a part of a sale cannot be cancelled. No refunds are offered on sale tickets. PLEASE NOTE: In relation to the 2020 MID YEAR ONLINE LECTURES we will not be offering the ability to cancel, not offer either a full or part refund. Ticket prices have been reduced for this one off event to make them more accessible during the COVID-19 restrictions and therefore we cannot offer any cancellations.

In exceptional circumstances and at our discretion we may allow such bookings to be transferred to another program. Service fees may be applicable in such circumstances.

Any refund, less our nominated service fee, will be provided in the same form as the customer's payment was made (ie by refund to the credit card account if payment was by credit card). Refunds will be processed/issued within 5 working days of the provision of all information necessary to approve the refund and/or the return of any tickets or other materials provided to the customer in response to the booking.

Where the cancellation of part of a group booking would result in the booking no longer meeting the requirements for the discounted group booking price any refund will be adjusted to reflect the payment of the single price for each of the remaining tickets in the booking.

We welcome all and any feedback from customers.  If any customer believes that we have not provided the service/s for which they booked and paid for in accordance with our Booking & Refund Policy we will promptly investigate the complaint. If we believe that the complaint has substance we will, at our discretion, provide the customer with a replacement lecture booking, other educational resources or alternatively a partial or full refund, or a combination of those remedies.

How to contact us

You can contact us by mail, telephone or email. The contact details for Access Education/One Plus One Management Pty Ltd are shown on our website and in our printed documents.