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Teachers Toolkit 2022

The main focus of our Teacher's Toolkit programs is to help you to add to your toolkit by providing you with a number of teaching and learning strategies that you can take with you to enhance the understanding of key concepts for your students. In particular, our programs focus on the more challenging aspects  of the study design. During our Teacher Toolkit sessions you will be provided with: sample unit outlines; activities that can be utilised in the classroom; and creative ideas for assessment task.

Teacher's Toolkits for 2022 include Biology, Food Studies, Legal Studies and English.

All sessions will be delivered ONLINE with the resources being posted to you prior to the webinar session/s.


To download BROCHURES click on the Subject or Units below

VCE Biology with Andrew Douch  (delivered ONLINE) - New PD for the New Study Design
- Units 1 and 3
- Units 2 and 4

VCE Food Studies with Belinda Page (delivered ONLINE)
- Units 1 and 3
- Units 2 and 4

VCE Legal Studies with Peter Farrar and Annie Wilson(delivered ONLINE)
- Units 1 and 3
- Units 2 and 4

VCE English with Karen Graham, Helen Billett and Ross Huggard (delivered ONLINE)
- VCE English 



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