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If you are wondering about the benefits of attending our programs just take a moment to read through some of the comments made by students who have attended various Access Education revision programs.

Programs: VCE Mid-Year Unit 3 Exam Revision
VCE Units 3 & 4 Essential English
VCE Units 3 & 4 Further Maths Day
VCE Units 3 & 4 End of Year Exam Revision
VCE Year 12 Summer School

Feedback from Mid-Year Unit 3 Exam Revision 2019

Was so good! Engaging / interesting, funny presenter, gave great little tips about common mistakes, good to get revision notes and really learnt the importance of answering questions well.    
Year 12 Psychology student, Cobram Secondary College

The notes are well written and explained. Great extra revision, quick & summarised.
Year 12 Further Maths student, Penola Catholic College

Lecturer has an outstanding amount of knowledge. The use of exam-type questions was amazing preparation for the future.
Year 12 Legal Studies student, Manangatang P-12 College

Very beneficial, gives great tips on knowledge will needed before the exam. Helps clarify things or concepts you might not understand completely.   
Year 12 Physical Education student, Gleneagles Secondary College

Useful to anyone studying Methods - insights / tips were valuable.   
Year 12 Maths Methods student   

Awesome! The personal anecdotes and indepth examples were fantastic, particularly the friendly and unstressful atmosphere.   
Year 12 Legal Studies student, Cobram Secondary College

Very informative, resourceful and useful for revision and notes.   
Year 12 Physical Education student, Koo Wee Rup Secondary College

It was a fantastic revision lecture for Unit 3, I got new strategies on how to study and a boost of confidence for Unit 4.   
Year 12 Biology student, Notre Dame College

Thorough, indepth and the presenter knew what he was talking about.   
Year 12 Physics student, Penola Catholic College

Talking to someone who has written the text book I use is beneficial as it explains the textbook in a clearer context.    Year 12 Health & Human Development student, Sunbury College

The presenter had years of experience both teaching and assessing Psychology, thus provided invaluable knowledge to students.    
Year 12 Psychology teacher

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Feedback from Essential English for VCE Units 3 & 4 2018

Here's what a few Year 12 English students had to say about the program:

Very engaging - key points covered and affirming. Great reminders of what to do and study suggestions.

The lecturer gives great insights on a range of topics. Ii has expanded my knowledge on key themes - e.g. discuss costuming.

Great to get a new perspective; the presenter was really engaging and had a huge amount of knowledge.

Exposed me to new ideas and new ways to explore the text. The explanation of the texts was also really clear and thorough.

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Feedback from Further Maths Day for VCE Units 3 & 4 2019

Very easy to follow along, makes info/material easy to understand and gives good exam tips and advice.
Year 12 Further Maths Day student, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Bentleigh

Very knowledgeable presenter. Helped to make me feel more confident.
Year 12 Further Maths Day student, Northcote High School

Gives a useful and helpful summary of notes/resources in preparation for the final exam as well as receiving the knowledge from a different educator outside school.
Year 12 Further Maths Day student, St Francis Xavier College

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Feedback from VCE Units 3 & 4 End of Year Exam Revision Program 2019

Thoroughly recommend Access Education lectures for any VCE students. They've been a lifesaver throughout VCE.
Year 12 Psychology student, Bendigo Senior Secondary College

Very entertaining, helpful and insightful. I feel at an advantage to students who haven't attended.
Year 12 Biology student, Sacre Couer

Lecturer was very helpful, engaging and well knowledgeable on Bus Man! 10/10!
Year 12 Business Management student, Siena College

It's a really good way to get another view of the content, and it helps consolidate what you know, and pinpoint what you don't know.
Year 12 Chemistry student, Ballarat Grammar

Presenters were amazing. In-depth notes. Great value for money. Excellent choice.
Year 12 EAL student

Quality lecture, great tips, very productive, unique perspective, very inspiring.
Year 12 English student, Cranbourne Secondary College

Amazing presentation, very articulate speaker, very loud and clear with all information.
Year 12 Accounting student, Lalor North Secondary College

Going through exam-style questions and revision materials have helped me better understand what I should be studying for the exam.
Year 12 Food Studies student, Pascoe Vale Girls' Secondary College

The style of teaching was brilliant; at a steady pace and made sense as solutions were always given only AFTER we gave it a go (very interactive).
Year 12 Further Maths student, Aquinas College

Engaging, educational, reassuring, enjoyable, helpful.
Year 12
Health & Human Development student, Frankston High School

Excellent presentation, great and relevant real-life examples to the study design.
Year 12 Legal Studies student, Mildura Senior College

Very helpful. Clear and concise. Presenter was really engaging and put in a lot of effort explaining things. I feel much more prepared after this lecture.
Year 12 Literature student, Warrnambool College

It was engaging and covered the areas of the subject well. I especially like how there was focus on exam questions people get wrong and what the common mistakes are.
Year 12 Maths Methods student, Ivanhoe Girls Grammar

All questions I had when I walked in were all answered by the time I walked out.
Year 12 Outdoor Education student, Hillcrest Christian College

Gave me a confidence boost that I have understood the information throughout the year.
Year 12 Physical Education student, McGuire College

The presenter was very knowledgeable and provided an abundance of tips of how to maximise marks gained from a question. He also explained clearly exactly what assessors are searching for to give marks.
Year 12 Physics student, Marcellin College

This was amazing, interactive, interesting and a fantastic overview of Psychology.
Year 12 Psychology student, Ouyen P-12 College

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Feedback from VCE Summer School

Motivational and provides organisational tips that help reduce stress and make VCE seem manageable.
Year 12 Ultimate Guide to VCE Success student, Shelford Girls' Grammar

Really valuable and practical feedback, easy to access and to the point. Lecturer's experience and knowledge invaluable.
Year 12 English student, Elisabeth Murdoch College

Very engaging and brilliantly covered the subject so students have an idea of what to study, how to study it and what to expect on exams.
Year 12 Psychology student, St Margaret's School

Great head start program presented by a thoroughly experienced and informed presenter.
Year 12 Legal Studies student, St Bede's College

Good presenter, very knowledgeable, very good notes which allows me to go back throughout the year to read and understand different topics.
Year 12 Further Maths student, Flinders College

The course has helped me make connections in Methods that I was previously unable to do.
Year 12 Maths Methods student, Mt Lilydale Mercy College

I love the notes.
Year 12 Chemistry student, Sacred Heart College Geelong

Such amazing notes and knowledge. A small class which allowed for lots of questions and discussions. Very good lecture.
Year 12 Health & Human Development student, Flinders College

Helpful to go through the course before classes actually start. Gained some valuable study/exam preparation tips.
Year 12 Biology student, Donald High School

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