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If you are wondering about the benefits of attending our programs just take a moment to read through some of the comments made by students who have attended various Access Education revision programs.

Programs: VCE Mid-Year Unit 3 Exam Revision
VCE Units 3 & 4 Essential English
VCE Units 3 & 4 Further Maths Day
VCE Units 3 & 4 End of Year Exam Revision
VCE Year 12 Summer School

Feedback from Mid-Year Unit 3 Exam Revision

Highly helpful, useful and specific.    
Year 12 Psychology student, Taylors Lakes Secondary College

Succinct and practical - revision booklets are extremely useful and the lecturer's skill and experience gave consolidation and understanding to better prepare me for later SACS and exams.
Year 12 Further Maths student, Plenty Valley Christian College

It was a great opportunity to revise Unit 3 and also an insightful introduction to Unit 4.    
Year 12 Physical Education student, Lowther Hall AGS

A fantastic lecture given by a fantastic presenter. Great information and common mistakes are told to avoid. Great techniques in answering questions provided.    
Year 12 Further Maths student, Lighthouse Christian College

It was extremely helpful to revise Unit 3. The booklet is also great as it provides an alternate way of wording information and a lot of practice questions.    
Year 12 Legal Studies student    

Very informative, resourceful and useful for revision and notes.    
Year 12 Physical Education student, Koo Wee Rup Secondary College

Really informative and specific. Good to refresh everything we've learnt.    
Year 12 Chemistry student, Avila College

Very informative, precise with explaining and revising the AOS areas. Has good tips for exams.    
Year 12 Maths Methods student, Mentone Girls' Secondary College

A great amount of knowledge provided by the presenter and touched on important information for Unit 3 that reinforced our knowledge.    
Year 12 Health & Human Development student, Westall Secondary College

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Feedback from Essential English for VCE Units 3 & 4 

Was very insightful and worth the time / travel / effort.
Year 12 student, Sacred Heart College, Geelong

Insightful comparison and exploration of the ideas and concepts of both texts. Good to hear a different style and point of view to my own English teacher at school.
Year 12 student, Mornington Secondary College

Coherently presented and provided an interesting perspective. The lecturer was obviously aware of the procedures and requirements of the English exam.
Year 12 student, Corryong College

The lecturer is amazing, knowledge is great and extensive.
Year 12 student, Sandringham College

Engaging! A lot of useful things we can actually use (tips, examples).
Year 12 student, Foster Secondary College

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Feedback from Further Maths Day for VCE Units 3 & 4

Best lecture ever! Convenient times, great lecturer, great notes.
Year 12 Further Maths Day student, Hume Grammar

Great presenter and he went through each course work thoroughly.
Year 12 Further Maths Day student, Cranbourne Secondary College

Clear and concise, interactive when necessary, worked through problems visually which made it clear and a higher opportunity for understanding the content.
Year 12 Further Maths Day student, Mount Eliza Secondary College

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Feedback from VCE Units 3 & 4 End of Year Exam Revision Program

Such a fantastic presenter, amazing slides, extremely captivating, funny & great summary - so worthwhile.
Year 12 Biology student, Our Lady of Sion College

It was a very informative session. It has made me aware of the do's and don'ts for revision and the end of year exam.
Year 12 Business Management student, Yarrawonga P-12 College

Good presentation, helped me to realise what information I am both competent and lacking in.
Year 12 Chemistry student, Patterson River Secondary College

Excellent delivery and knowledge on all texts, helpful exam tips, tells you exactly what you need to know and do to prepare.
Year 12 English student, Nhill College

It was extremely informative and gave me a positive outlook on the exam.
Year 12 English Language student, Wangaratta High School

Very informative, good revision and presenter made it engaging and enjoyable.
Year 12 Chemistry student, Mornington Secondary College

Lecture was very beneficial. It calms nerves and reduces stress and boosts confidence and gets you motivated.
Year 12 Food Studies student, Staughton College

This lecture was the best I've ever been to. The lecturer was calm, knowledgeable and easy to follow. She is clearly dedicated to helping us!
Year 12 Further Maths student, Notre Dame College

Great revision. Feel a lot better. Really inspired to work hard for all my subjects.
Year 12
Health & Human Development student, Academy of Mary Immaculate

It was a highly informative lecture and these notes will save me.
Year 12 Legal Studies student, Clonard College

Helps understand exactly what to do in the exam - part A & B; what to include, e.g. style, values, imagery.
Year 12 Literature student, Brauer College

Fantastic and very useful to learn what I do and don't know!!
Year 12 Maths Methods student, Padua College

All questions I had when I walked in were all answered by the time I walked out.
Year 12 Outdoor Education student, Hillcrest Christian College

Engaging, awesome information, everything broken down well, fantastic notes.
Year 12 Physical Education student, Ivanhoe Grammar School

Presenter amazingly interacts with audience to cover things we want/need.
Year 12 Physics student, Mornington Secondary College

Very informative and great revision tool for WHOLE course/study design.
Year 12 Psychology student, Galen Catholic College, Wangaratta

The lecturer was excellent. He was clear and broke down higher order concepts to show that the requirements are quite simple.
Year 12 Business Management student, Catholic College Sale

It was very helpful and has equipped me with the right skills and knowledge that I need for my English exam.
Year 12 English student, Rochester Secondary College

Very good explanation of Units 3 & 4, included past exam questions with examiners comments, used graphs, tables and visuals in presentation.
Year 12 Psychology student, Penola Catholic College

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Feedback from VCE Summer School

Gave some valuable tips and strategies for the upcoming year.
Year 12 Ultimate Guide to VCE Success student, Catholic College Sale

Great tips about VCE English, engaging and informative presentation.
Year 12 English student, Methodist Ladies’ College

It gave me a good overall summary of the course and important and key information to take note of any tips to remember in terms of studying and approaching the exam.
Year 12 English student, St Francis Xavier College

Valuable to hear course content in detail.
Year 12 Physics student, Yarra Valley Grammar

Well written notes, detailed lecture, great lecturer!
Year 12 Legal Studies student, St Kevin’s College

It gave me the motivation and courage to do really well in this subject.
Year 12 Physical Education student, Sacred Heart Girls’ College

This was a massive confidence boost, it was so easy to understand an worked through solutions so well.
Year 12 Maths Methods student, Belgrave Heights Christian School

The presentation gave me a great headstart for this year.
Year 12 Further Maths student, Sacred Heart Girls’ College

Good way to get ahead on classwork with early exposure. Good notes to get started for the year. Great study and exam tips.
Year 12 Chemistry student, Siena College

I found this lecture really valuable. The lecturer was enthusiastic about her subject so it was more engaging. I now feel really excited about HHD for this year. Thank you.
Year 12 Health & Human Development student

Great heads up for the year, provided notes that can be used throughout the year.
Year 12 Biology student, Luther College

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